Los Angeles, California

Date will be confirmed soon

My Black and Blanco Tour continues in Los Angeles, Date will be confirmed soon.

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November 4th, 2015

Mayré releases her third musical production, the long awaited acoustic EP: My Black & Blanco.

This extraordinary album shows once again, why Mayré is one of the most spectacular voices in the world. Few singers can present their voices accompanied by only a piano and sound so amazing.

This romantic compilation of heartfelt songs is the perfect soundtrack for the life of those who are willing to start a journey of love, hope, fun and happiness.

Mayré also re-launches her web page with her online store, where her fans, or as she calls them #Consentidos, can buy their music in every currency, including the one from her country, Venezuela. (Bolivares Fuertes).

TODAY, fans of Mayré from all over the world, will enjoy her powerful voice and love songs, live for the very first time, on www.youtube.com/MayreTV at 6pm (Pacific Time).

November, 3rd, 2015

#MyBlackandBlanco became a trending topic on Twitter in Venezuela, and number 26 on the top list of albums in Spanish, on Amazon.

October 25th, 2015

Mayré re-launches her Youtube channel, MayreTV, to post a new performance every week. Just like when she was on the Venezuelan singing reality show FSL, and later on Latin American Idol

Now the appointment is every Sundays at 6pm (Pacific Time) on www.youtube.com/mayretv

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August 18th, 2015

Mayré Martínez announces the release date for her long awaited acoustic EP, called “My Black & Blanco”.

The artist chose November 4th for her release because in 2007, one of the most important musical shows in Latin America, “Sábado Sensacional”, started to celebrate national “Mayré Day”.

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