Venezuelan-Cuban singer, songwriter and actress; winner of the first Latin American Idol. Mayré has been awarded as a songwriter by one of the largest and most important composer associations that exist, ASCAP. Her song “Vivir Sin Tí” was the first Spanish song to win an ASCAP International Film and TV award. She was also given the first and only “Orquídea al Mérito” by one of the most important musical shows in Latin America, Sábado Sensacional.

Mayré has two albums released, and her most recent music production, an acoustic EP (piano-vocals). Her first album “Soy mi Destino” was released by Sony-BMG Mexico and includes the video performances of her participation in Latin American Idol. Thanks to her second album “La Reina de la Noche”, Mayré gained followers from several countries around the world, due to the opportunity to license all her songs for the soundtrack of cuatro different soup operas, broadcasted by Telemundo. Mayré’s most recent musical production, her acoustic EP , “My Black & Blanco” was released by her own record company, the 4th of November, of 2015, the same label of her second album.

This multitalented artist and entrepreneur, has been in the cover of over 20 magazines in Venezuela, Latin America and USA. She has also performed in the most important TV shows in South and North America (for the Latin community).
Mayré Martínez Singing Method has been taught around the world, for 15 years. This multitalented artist was the writer of “The Secrets of Singing” for the international magazine Conexiones Internacional; now she writes for her own blog This Venezuelan pride, has been an artist sponsored by top international brands brands, she was recently considered one of the most influential people in her country Venezuela.